Morgentau Cheesecake

A few days ago we had a delivery which is pretty far away from the center the city.  The best part of the road was about having the chance to pick up some wild berries on the way back to İstanbul. The route was full of yellow fields and wild flowers. These gave us an inspiration for an ice cold dessert with wild berries and flowers. Especially when the weather is extremely hot, there is nothing more satisfying than a frozen cheesecake, which has such a lovely outcome & a flowery taste.


We wanted to use Morgentau Green Tea which is our favourite from Ronnefeldt Tea Couture Series. It contains flavours like mango, citrus, rose & lots of flowers. With refreshing smell of the tea, you can easily feel like you are in these yellow fields with wild flowers around you. We made a syrup out of the morgentau tea & rose petals, and sweetened the layers of cake with it.

Gluten-free base is made with activated buckwheat groats & dried fruits. Cream layer is made with mascarpone cheese, wild berries, and the syrup which holds a refreshing – slightly flowery – taste.


Morgentau & Rose Syrup
25g Ronnefeldt Morgentau Green Tea
20g dried rose petals
500g granulated sugar
500g water

200g dried fruits or dates
80g ground almond
50g raw buckwheat groats

Berry Cream Layer
480-500g fresh or frozen berries
250g mascarpone cheese
130g heavy cream
320g coconut milk
12g agar-agar powder
200g Morgentau & Rose syrup
1 vanilla stick

Fresh Berries & rose petals



To make the syrup, let the tea to infuse around 25 minutes, Green Tea & Rose petals together in a big glass jar, with 500g hot water (around 70 C).

To make the crust add the dates or your dried fruits, into a food processor and blend until it forms a ball. Add your ground almond and blend again until a loose dough forms. Add the buckwheat groats on the last point. Line a springform pan (9 inch) with a baking paper, and prepare the base with your buckwheat crust mix. Set in freezer to firm up.

Start with blending mascarpone cheese with vanilla seeds. Set a side.
Fill the berries & 160g of coconut milk into a saucepan, when the berries are soften puree the mixture & boil for a couple of minutes & set aside. Mix mascarpone cheese, 200g green tea & rose syrup & berry puree. Whip 130g heavy cream and fold in the mixture. In a saucepan add coconut milk (160g) & agar-agar powder and bring to boil while stirring constantly. To activate the agar agar its important to boil it. When it’s done, quickly add the agar-agar mix into your cream layer and fill onto the cake base. Let it rest at least 2-hours. Serve semi-frozen with fresh berries on top.




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